CoinJar: A Perfect Partner For Crypto Transactions

  2020-02-23 06:30:30

Cryptocurrencies have successfully completed a decade of run in the financial space. What was introduced as a means of payment settlement during the time of the global recession, has now become an unprecedented part of an array of industrial domains. Today, the most renowned names of the business arena, as well as the biggest enterprises …The post CoinJar: A Perfect Partner For Crypto Transactions appeared first on CryptoNewsZ.

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How the IRS Audits Cryptocurrency Tax Returns – Filing Expert Shares Example, Insights on AML Focus

  2020-02-23 06:15:45

Tax season is one of the most dreaded times of the year for many, and when the added confusion of filing crypto returns is thrown into to the mix, things can get even stickier. recently talked with Clinton Donnelly of Donnelly Tax Law, a service that specializes in crypto returns. The U.S. Treasury-licensed Enrolled […]The post How the IRS Audits Cryptocurrency Tax Returns – Filing Expert Shares Example, Insights on AML Focus appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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The uncanny similarities between staking and masternodes

  2020-02-23 05:59:18

Staking and masternodes are similar in many ways. Staking is walking on a similar path that masternodes took in 2017. Back then, masternodes were trusted by many crypto enthusiasts as insurance against losses. Many viewed them as altcoins to protect against excessive price volatility. Now, staking is reaching similar ‘obsession’ levels and is being viewed skeptically. Recently, the chief executive officer of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, expressed his views in a tweet where he claimed that the world is repeating the masternodes saga. The stark comparison of staking and masternodes was made in response to the cryptocurrency exchange launching the Algorand

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JP Morgan Perspectives – Blockchain and DLT on the rise

  2020-02-23 05:04:32

JP Morgan Perspectives, the annual financial report from the financial giant, has claimed that blockchain is on the rise, but its mainstream adoption is still many years away. The report mentions the viability of cryptocurrencies in today’s financial environment and also their probable case uses, including the upcoming Facebook Libra project. The blockchain use is steadily rising as more institutions, and financial bigwigs are exploring its use in their ecosystem. Still, it is far from being called mainstream. The report further sees that distributed ledger technology (DLT) will, in the future, transform the business models of traditional banks offering more

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Bitcoin drug dealer claims losing keys to $57M digital asset

  2020-02-23 05:02:37

Irish Bitcoin drug dealer Clifton Collins, who has forfeited digital assets worth $57 million, has continued his trial in an Irish High Court. On Wednesday, Collins, in the most recent ruling, was judged to forfeit private keys for about 12 accounts where he stashed all his digital assets. The Irish High Court judged that Collins garnered all his Bitcoins from the drug as he didn’t contest the sentence and agreed to let go of all his earnings to the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB). Supposed to be the Bureau’s largest seizure, the entire 12 accounts Collins surrendered that contains the 6,000

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How Blockchain Can Revolutionize the Music Industry

  2020-02-23 04:30:16

The music industry, which has been long struggling with the issues of piracy and illegal download, can immensely benefit from the application of blockchain technology. Even the challenge that artists face in terms of unfair payments and having no control over the music rights can be addressed using the open ledger innovation. Blockchain Use Cases …The post How Blockchain Can Revolutionize the Music Industry appeared first on CryptoNewsZ.

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Now use Monero in Bitsa Card; XMR addition to shore up user base

  2020-02-23 04:10:49

Users can now look forward to using Monero in Bitsa Card as the company has added support for the cryptocurrency. Bitsa, a crypto startup based in Monaco, is well known for its Bitsa Card. XMR, on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency that focuses exclusively on protecting user privacy. The added support for Monero in Bitsa Card will definitely bring in more new users to Bitsa. Addition of Monero in Bitsa Card to amplify its user appeal Bitsa prepaid cryptocurrency cards are finding more users in European locations. The cards are easy-to-use, can be loaded with fiat-backing, and can be

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